Annual Skid Row Mothers Day Makeover 2013

This year my birthday landed on Mothers Day. I couldn’t have asked for anything better than to be a part of this wonderful event. The event was put on by Red Eye Inc and involved donating food, clothes, hygiene products, and beauty products for women of all ages and their kids.   They also offered all the women a Mothers Day makeover which included make-up, painted nails, hair, etc…

They set up a backdrop with the words I AM ____ Above and allowed women if they chose to to pick a word and get their photo taken and printed out for them. It was amazing. The women were so happy and delighted to get their photo taken. Most of them saying how they were going to send them to loved ones. I met some amazing people! Take a look at some photos from the event below, and a quick little behind the scenes video.

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