Samsung Chicago “Table for Six” + Owner stories

When going to Chicago and talking to people about the city, I found the one thing people never failed to mention was the diversity. Chicago is such a great city, not just because of the wonderful food and amazing music scene… but because there are pockets of neighborhoods all around that hold on to special things like tradition and culture.

In this piece, we invited 6 real Samsung owners from different parts of Chicago to tell us their stories, as well as come together to break bread. Each person we talked to either had a love for food or music and found a way to incorporate that love into their lives.

We asked these 6 owners to come meet and have a meal at the Bristol. It was wonderful seeing everyone find things in common and make new friends. Below watch Table for Six as well as each person’s mini story.

Table for Six

Meet Christmas — musician, chef and social networker behind a legendary Chicago food truck.

Samsung Owner Viviana dances to the beat of her own, in the authentic Mexican tradition.

Meet Ashley, who uses her Galaxy S6 Edge as a smart tool for her breathtaking restaurant designs.

Meet Jeff, noodle fanatic, champion of simplicity and chef at The Bristol, location of our Owner’s Brunch.

Meet Bobby, manager and wine director of the fabled molecular gastronomy restaurant, Moto.

Samsung Owner Chris breakdances his way through the city, one beat at a time.

A Taste of Chicago – The Samsung Owners brunch

Some images from our shoot – More to come.

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