Miss You | Jacob and Fanny

We had such a good time creating this video with Jacob and Fanny. “Miss You” is a song that is really close to them and when figuring out the video we knew we wanted it to feel realistic and simple. We wanted to walk through the up’s and downs of a breakup and missing someone. We also wanted to show how sometimes your lives may mirror each other’s and while sometimes it’s easy to keep yourself occupied, other times you can’t help the thoughts of that person creeping in. We liked the idea of having them wake up and go to bed in unison, and walk through their day side by side. We wanted the video to be two mini-stories so you could re-watch one side, then the other, then them together.


Here is a live acoustic version of the song we also filmed in their home with a little snippet of them talking about how the song came to life.


directed by: Jillian Martin

dp: Robert Dalsey