Tell Me – Madison Violet

Had an amazing time working on this short film/music video with the talented ladies of Madison Violet, Krystle Mullen/creative genius, and the talented Lauren Puck and Kez Lauren.

Story: In 1999, Lisa & Brenley met in Toronto. Both with a passion and love for music they instantly formed a band AND became a couple. By recommendation of many people in the industry, they were told that they should hide their sexuality and relationship. So, they ran off to the desert with their guitars in tow and wrote their first record. This video is a little glimpse into the young adventures and misadventures on that first trip together. It’s a story of being vulnerable and in love, driven, and confused. It’s a story of the break downs and rebuilding moments between two people. Today, Lisa and Brenley are no longer a couple but continue to make amazing music together as Madison Violet. “Tell me when you get your heart working” was a lyric I loved and really gravitated towards. The truck in the video is kind of a metaphor for their romantic relationship. It can break down, be fixed when they both work together, but they both know it won’t last forever.


Kenz Lauren- Talent
Lauren Puck- Talent
Krystle Mullin – Creative Director
Jillian Martin -Director/Editor
Denny Kennedy – Producer
Robert Dalsey -DP
Stuebe -Sound Mixer
Sandy Stewart – Special effects
Mellissa Phillips – Coordinator
Sally McDermott – Hair make up/ wardrobe
Stephen Marshall – Production / Camera swing
Renee Olbert – Production Assistant
Caroline Young – Production Assistant
Face In The Crowd – Casting director
Colorist – Roslyn Di Sisto
Assistant Colorist – Kassi Bellamy