Venus #MySkinMyWay| Behind the Scenes

I am so proud of this project and the people we worked with who had endless nights of no sleep to make it happen.

It all started with the fabulous agency team at Townhouse and a client who really wanted to show women’s skin (in all its variety) in a real way. They looked at their old Venus ad’s… you know the ones… perfect women with perfect legs in tiny bikinis… “I’m your Venus, I’m your fire, your desire.” and said, “you know what… we haven’t been getting it right.”

This campaign was designed to right the wrong and really show off BEAUTIFUL SKIN the way it’s supposed to be shown; Scared, stretchmarked, birthmarked, young, aged, and in any color under the sun.

No retouching. No restrictions. No one way to have beautiful skin or to show it off. We just wanted to show these women that their skin is beautiful and that deserves to be shown to the world.

Beautiful skin does not mean perfect skin. It means embracing all the things that make your skin YOUR OWN.

My favorite part of this shoot was working with the beautiful and inspiring women. The team from agency and crew, to the talent from all around the world who brought their true selves to camera. I cannot thank you enough for being so great to work with and making this shoot as fun and inspiring as it was.

Here are some BTS photos from the shoot.


Agency: Townhouse

Production company: Untitled Inc + Wabi Productions

Director: Jillian Martin

DP: Robert Dalsey

Line Producer: Denny Kennedy + Mario Hernandez

1st AD: Peter Etzweiler

2nd unit DP: Jordi Planell

Wardrobe: Lindsey Hartman

Production Design: Laura Lisker