The Americans LIVE @ Silverlake lounge

Performance videos for The Americans shot with Robert Dalsey and Cody Edison Stills

And Away We Go…

35mm film – Salton Sea and Salvation Mountain. Photography by: Jillian Martin

MTN DEW – Donald Brink – Surfboard Shaper – BTS

Some Behind The Scenes photos from our latest mini-doc for MTN DEW featuring Surfboard shaper Donald Brink of Brink Surfboards. The waves weren’t as big as we would have hoped, but how can you complain when your working in the ocean? Directed by: Jillian Martin   See the video below.

Schools and Hoops

Schools and Hoops. – Photography by: Jillian Martin

Michigan Homes – Photography

A series of images I shot – homes in michigan. photography by: Jillian Martin


I have had the pleasure of meeting some of the most fascinating people of my life in the past month and 1/2. Working with The Surfing Heritage Foundation and Untitled Inc on a documentary about the film The Endless Summer. More to come in the next month or so. Take

Behind The Scenes – The Endless Summer 50th Anniversary Documentary

A few behind the scenes shots from Day 1 of The Endless Summer 50th Anniversary Documentary.  

BTS Of Urban Outfitters Shoot

Here are some Behind The Scenes images from our latest Urban Outfitters shoot. Us tall people… sigh A wonderful team to work with. 

Maria and Todd – Book by Jillian Martin and Robert Dalsey

A little story –  written by: Robert Dalsey and Illustrated by: Jillian Martin Maria and Todd rough draft finished   –  CLICK HERE TO VIEW FULL STORY IN PDF

KEANA “Candy From Strangers” BTS Photos

Behind the scenes photos from my latest shoot with artist  Keana Texeira for her new song Candy From Strangers featuring  Samuel Larsen, Kirby Bliss Blanton and Mary Rogers.

Annual Skid Row Mothers Day Makeover 2013

This year my birthday landed on Mothers Day. I couldn’t have asked for anything better than to be a part of this wonderful event. The event was put on by Red Eye Inc and involved donating food, clothes, hygiene products, and beauty products for women of all ages and their kids.   They also offered all